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I have been working with Giuliano for 12+ months on navigating my career. He has supported me in growing a scalable business development skill-set and improving my client engagement techniques.
Ian Patterson @ Hubspot
Giuliano has played an immense role in my development both professionally and personally. His ongoing support and mentoring enabled me to reach all time highs in my career.
David Nguyen @ Google
I found Giuliano to be authentic and empathetic to my needs and he worked with me to understand my goal and create a plan and the means to execute the plan.
Harpreet Singh @ Arrow Voice & Data

Why do people buy?

There's a lot of answers to that question and each correct in their own way. But the underlying human behaviour beyond the 'why' is arguably because we have enough trust in our decision to validate the risk. 

And what about a deal? Whats the equation there?

Well, ultimately it is the outcome of a relationship which has the will, authority and buying power. 

(Authority x Buying Power) / Will = Deal Generation

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